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Welcome to the FENG SHUI & LIVING homepage.

My name is Daniela Schubert, I am an Imperial Feng Shui Consultant (IFSA) and a member of the Professional Association for Feng Shui and Geomancy e.V. in Germany (Berufsverband für Feng Shui und Geomantie e.V)

You are very welcome to have a look around my website!

The lexicon provides a lot of information on the Chinese interior design concept of Feng Shui (wind and water) which has existed for thousands of years. I would now like to introduce you to my professional Feng Shui consultation encompassing all aspects surrounding this topic in order for us to find the perfect individual match enabling the best possible result for you, my clients:

+++ interior design consultation ++ garden conception +++ acupuncture within property and rooms ++ unity of people and rooms +++ harmony ++ Imperial Feng Shui guidance +++ interior decoration ++ Feng Shui Consultation Schleswig-Holstein +++ Business Feng Shui ++ lectures about feng shui +++ home design ++ power position +++ choice of colors ++ office design +++ Feng Shui Consultation Hamburg ++ garden design +++ Ba Zi Suanming ++ chinese horoscope +++ Feng Shui Consultation Kassel ++ Feng Shui for children's rooms +++ Feng Shui Consultation Berlin ++ wellbeing +++ Home Staging ++ Soul Coaching® +++ analysis of personal potential ++ Feng Shui Consultation Brandenburg +++ property search ++ Feng Shui Consultation Usedom +++ Feng Shui Consultation Kiel ++ reception areas +++ Feng Shui Consultation Germany ++ Feng Shui Consultation Norderstedt +++ health ++ construction planning +++ radiaesthetic property investigations ++ Feng Shui Consultation Oldenburg +++ geomancy ++ International Feng Shui Consultation (Europe and USA) +++ happiness ++

Using the appropriate Feng Shui measures you can influence your life & work spheres positively and improve your entire life surroundings.

I draw my motivation from the positive feedback provided by large numbers of convinced customers. Please check the following pages of my website and decide for yourself what I can do for you.

Kind regards,
  FENG SHUI AND LIVING - Daniela Schubert